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Debate of Holding Inventory

Tips & Tricks

With the current market climate of always doing things faster, the apparent need to save some time with having inventory on hand may seem like an obvious one.  However there are some things to consider before you stock shirts in your warehouse on the shelf in anticipation of a sale...

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How to Transition to Printavo

Tips & Tricks

We’ve had shops from 1 to 50 employees transition to using Printavo. In this video we’ll discuss how those shops did it.

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Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

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More than one small printer has dreamed of letting go of the everyday tasks they are faced with so they could work on more high profile or valuable needs. The question that’s always asked is “how do you let go?” It’s not easy for some people, as they have boot-strapped ...

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Survival Tip: Protect Your Cash Flow

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Quite often businesses will fail, even during great periods of sales growth, because they didn't protect their cash flow. In the decorated apparel industry, money-management skills are often learned on the job and through tough lessons. It just takes dealing with a deadbeat customer's delinquent account to make you think differently about extending credit to just anyone. Below are thoughts that will help steer you in the right direction regarding your cash flow.

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Hire the Right People for Success

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Congratulations! Your business is doing fantastic and orders are growing everyday. It's gotten to the point where you need to start thinking about getting some help in the shop. It's a decision that a lot of shops mentally wrestle over. Who should you hire? Where to look? What do we do with them once they are onboard? This article aims at giving you a few tips to get in front of this challenge.

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10 Things That Will Get Your Shop to the Next Level

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Starting off in business is always hard. Surviving is even harder, especially in the decorated apparel business. So how do you go from start-up success to the next level? Eventually you'll have to get more customers, bigger and better equipment, and even more employees. Each step can put you into a bigger group and can be either a wonderful experience or a vast plateau full of land mines. Here are some thoughts on the rungs waiting for you on the ladder of success:

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