Input for creating a quote

Input Fields

billingAddress (CustomerAddressInput)

Billing address

contact (IDInput!)

Customer contact

contractorProfile (IDInput)

Contractor profile

createdAt (ISO8601Date)

Created date

customAddresses ([CustomAddressInput!])

List of custom addresses to create

customerDueAt (ISO8601Date!)

Customer due date

customerNote (String)

Customer note

deliveryMethod (IDInput)

Delivery method

discount (Float)


discountAsPercentage (Boolean)

Discount is percentage?

dueAt (ISO8601DateTime!)

Production due date

fees ([FeeInput!])

List of fees to create

invoiceAt (ISO8601Date)

Invoice date

lineItemGroups ([LineItemGroupCreateInput!])

List of line item groups to create

nickname (String)


owner (IDInput)

User who owns the order

paymentDueAt (ISO8601Date)

Payment due date

paymentTerm (IDInput)

Payment term

productionFiles ([ProductionFileCreateInput!])

List of production files to create

productionNote (String)

Production notes

salesTax (Float)

Sales tax

shippingAddress (CustomerAddressInput)

Shipping address

startAt (ISO8601DateTime)

Start date

tags ([String!])


visualPoNumber (String)

PO Number