2 Tips When Creating True Work-Life Balance

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As a business owner, separating your work from personal life is borderline impossible.

This is your baby, it's what you created from scratch into a living breathing, separate entity. Your business takes a lot of time, care and attention. When you're at home the shop may be at a different location, but mentally you're still thinking about growth, mistakes, improvements, and people.

These demands can create a tough strain on families of business owners. Being that you're mentally preoccupied a majority of the time.

Here are two ways We've compiled a list of ways to push yourself to create a better work-life balance and a happier personal life.

1. Focus on the moment. After leaving your office, pay attention to details. Ask questions about everyone's day. Create good eye contact. Focus on improving communication and listening well. Share stories. Share your day's to-do list. Ask for opinions.

2. Treat family like your business. This is a great tip shared from Ryan Moor from Ryonet along with the book "The Secrets of Happy Families". You always want to reduce turnover and make your team members happy, do the same at home. All hands meetings to get everyone on the same page, do the same at home to correct miscommunication. Regular employee outings, schedule regular dates. Plan for improvements, shop moves, equipment purchases, create a schedule for things to improve at home.

Hopefully, this helps and provides context. If you have other tips, drop them below!

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