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How much does Printavo cost?

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+ Optional Implementation & TrainingOur 4 week Implementation & Training program dives into your shop workflow, creates best practices, applies automation, and gets your team up to speed. Optional shop visit to finalize!
Shop Management
AutomationsBecome more efficient using Automations for repetitive tasks like requesting payments, approvals, or create a group of tasks. Let customers know about orders that will be shipped or are ready for pick-up, and more much!
5 15 30
Additional 30 for $15/mo
Order TrackingStatuses are how you keep track of orders in your workflow. They are color-coded and customizable to your exact workflow.
Mobile AppAvailable for iOS and Android on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
TasksAssign tasks to team members with a due date.
Sales ReportsPrintavo will show you income, expenses, invoices created per day and employees' total sales.
ShippingCreate shipping labels for your orders with FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, and more. Shipping is powered by EasyPost at 1¢ per label, details: easypost.com/pricing
Powered by EasyPost
Packing SlipsInclude packing slips in boxes for customers to know what is included in the order.
Power SchedulerAllows you to manage multiple types of decorations and equipment to better track jobs across departments.
Purchase OrdersCreate POs to send to your distributors for garments to be ordered. Add tracking numbers and notify your production department when everything has arrived.
Production File UploadUpload production files to an invoice for your team to pull down at any time.
Labels & BarcodingBarcoding allows you to attach a scannable label to boxes and work orders to quickly lookup orders and move forward.
Contractor ProfilesContract orders can have different company information on the invoice, work order, box label and more.
Customer Communication
Customer messagingKeep track of emails about an order in one place.
Text messagingSend payment requests and notifications via SMS using Twilio.com. Pricing averages $2/mo for usage, details: twilio.com/sms/pricing/us
Powered by Twilio
Send messages from your domainSend messages to customers from your own domain name instead of messages@messages.printavo.com
Growing Sales
Quotes & Invoices/moThe number of quotes/invoices you can create per month. 20 Unlimited Unlimited
UsersUsers can all be logged in and working at the same time. 2 5 20
Additional user for $19/mo
Pricing MatricesUse our catalogs or upload your own to calculate what you should charge. Our pricing matrix is fully customizable.  
Sales PipelineConvert more quotes to invoices by visually seeing quotes, following up, and increasing sales.
Quote/Artwork ApprovalsRequest approvals on jobs to keep orders moving forward.
Product CatalogsYou can use our AlphaBroder, S&S Activewear, and SanMar catalogs or upload your own. We keep our catalogs pricing up-to-date.
Mockup CreatorIncrease your speed to quote by creating mockups from the integrated catalog images or your own product uploads and your designs to keep your art department focused on approved quotes.
Securely Collect PaymentCollect payments on invoices based on what you ask from the customer with Printavo's embedded payments   
Printavo Merch - Online Stores
US only
Access to Printavo MerchCreate and run online stores with 1-click for group orders, teams, schools, and more. Additional $99/mo
Active stores runningThe number of stores you can run at the same time.
FundraisingSet a fundraising amount on each product to help raise money for organizers.
Shipping & pickup optionsLet customers choose between shipping and pickup options on checkout.
Product personalizationAllow for customizations when purchasing products such as Last Name and Number
Fulfillment management1-click combine unfulfilled store orders to order garments, shipping labels, and packing slips.
QuickBooks Online ExportPrintavo will exports your invoices, customers and payments into your QuickBooks Online account every 2-3hrs
ZapierUse our Zapier.com to automate repetitive tasks quickly.

Jotform, Google Calendar, Mailchimp, and 2,000+ sites

API AccessIntegrate with our API to build custom integrations.
Chicago-based Support
Dedicated Success ManagerA Printavo expert for to help you utilize Printavo
EmailEmail support via support@printavo.com
PhonePhone support via 800-213-9317

All Plans Include

  • Quick, helpful support
  • Free updates & upgrades
  • Unlimited file storage
  • No software to install
  • SSL security encryption
  • Upgrade/downgrade anytime
  • Amazon AWS hosted
  • 99.9% uptime


Will Printavo work for other types of shops?

Yes! We work with thousands of shops signed up with Printavo and many of them aren’t screen-printers. We have embroiders, sign manufacturers, promotional product customization shops, DTG and more!

Why pay monthly?

Printavo is a secure, cloud-based platform. This means that the application lives on Amazon’s servers. What this also means is that we build and push updates, features & improvements almost daily. You are a part of this constant growth and help to support it with your monthly payment.

How do you compare to the competition?

Shops will ask us “How do you guys compare to ShopVox, InkSoft, Shopworx, T-Quoter, T-Works Manager & Fast Manager” and we generally answer “We’re different”. Many of these platforms are okay tools but we strive to be the best, simplest, cloud-based tool in the industry. This means that we don’t compete based on how many features we have, we focus on maintaining our simplicity, ease-of-use and core utilities in a print/embroidery/sign shop.

Printavo is also a cloud-based tool. This means, you have no need to ever worry about installing software, pop-up errors, updating software and if your computer is compatible or not. When you sign up, we are legally bound to never sharing or selling your data. We encrypt all data on Amazon servers and have a 99.9% uptime.

Lastly, customer service is extremely important to us. You’ll see from when you sign up that our founder will reach out and see how things are going. Email support is quick and snappy and we’re just a phone call away. We want you to feel completely comfortable knowing that the Printavo team has your back.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, we don’t like binding contracts either.