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Now Introducing: Automation

New Feature

With Printavo, we want to allow you to allow you to save time but automating repetitive tasks.  Our new feature, Automation, will help you do just that.  You can now enable this feature in My Account.  Automate repetitive tasks like requesting payment and moving orders through your workflow to save time. 


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Brand New Features: S&S Activewear, Email Templates, PO Numbers and more

New Feature

That’s right! Brand new features are live in Printavo. Here they are:

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Survival Tip: Protect Your Cash Flow

accounting cash flow shop management Tips & Tricks

Quite often businesses will fail, even during great periods of sales growth, because they didn't protect their cash flow. In the decorated apparel industry, money-management skills are often learned on the job and through tough lessons. It just takes dealing with a deadbeat customer's delinquent account to make you think differently about extending credit to just anyone. Below are thoughts that will help steer you in the right direction regarding your cash flow.

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Hire the Right People for Success

printavo shop management software tips Tips & Tricks tricks

Congratulations! Your business is doing fantastic and orders are growing everyday. It's gotten to the point where you need to start thinking about getting some help in the shop. It's a decision that a lot of shops mentally wrestle over. Who should you hire? Where to look? What do we do with them once they are onboard? This article aims at giving you a few tips to get in front of this challenge.

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Baby/Toddler Sizing

baby columns line item New Feature sizing toddler

We added 6M - 5T baby and toddler sizes for you to utilize in your line item columns. Access this functionality in My Account > Settings > Customize Your Line Items.

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New: Revamped Analytics & Expense Tracking

analytics expenses how-to management New Feature shop software tracking

We just released the ability to create expenses for your shop and specific orders. You can also see profit/loss charts for individual orders too.

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Sub-contacts, better printing & more new features!

contacts New Feature new features printavo shop management software sub-customers

Hi Everyone! New exciting features for the Printavo family: Contacts under Customers - You can now have unlimited contacts/sub-customers under customers and use them when creating a quote. This was a highly requested feature and we're glad we could make it happen. View your own customers permissions - You may ...

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10 Things That Will Get Your Shop to the Next Level

knowledge screen printing tips Tips & Tricks tricks

Starting off in business is always hard. Surviving is even harder, especially in the decorated apparel business. So how do you go from start-up success to the next level? Eventually you'll have to get more customers, bigger and better equipment, and even more employees. Each step can put you into a bigger group and can be either a wonderful experience or a vast plateau full of land mines. Here are some thoughts on the rungs waiting for you on the ladder of success:

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How To Use Printavo's API - Updating Orders

api how-to order printavo put update

An API is a way to pull and push data into one application from another. We built an API to allow our customers to connect 3rd party applications on the web to Printavo which helps you be even more efficient. Beware, this article might get a bit technical for some folks.

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