Customer Success Story: Moving from East to West with Get It Got It 

Get It Got It

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Curious about how Printavo and InkSoft integration can benefit your shop? Check out this video from Courtnee at Wyoming-based business Get It Got It.

Scroll below to learn more about their journey from a side hustle on the East Coast to a full-time business out West.

Situated at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains in Buffalo, Wyoming, Get It Got It is a print shop with an ideal location at its advantage. Along with tourist traffic to the Bighorns, the business also sits close to the Black Gold Highway and is central to two big national attractions: Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone. 

But the journey to where the business is today started a couple thousand miles away in an area with much less open space. What began as a passionate side hustle in the Philadelphia suburbs has evolved into a full-time screen printing and embroidery business. 

Early Days 

Co-owners Courtnee and her husband Bryan started building their business on the East Coast in the early 2010s and learning as they went. Bryan had learned the fundamentals of screen printing during high school, and his interest grew into a side business over time while he worked other jobs like construction. Eventually, the duo was able to carve out a name for themselves in the area as orders started to pick up.

“I started doing the business side of things like all the marketing and sales, and we grew to a point where Bryan could stop working his full-time gig,” says Courtnee. 

The owners learned several valuable lessons along the journey from a side gig to a full-time job. One of the most important lessons was learning to say “no” to unprofitable jobs and focusing on their strengths, such as traditional screen printing and embroidery. This strategic decision allowed them to optimize their resources and deliver exceptional quality in their core offerings, fostering customer loyalty and repeat business.

With one other employee on staff, Courtnee and Bryan continued to take on new customers and focused on building their reputation in the greater Philadelphia area. As their business grew, so did their family, and the couple sought more space and different surroundings and eventually decided to pack up and move out West. 

Get It Got It

Setting Up Shop in Wyoming 

The decision to relocate to Wyoming proved wise, as it allowed the business to streamline its operations and better serve its expanding customer base. The new location also provided ample space for storage and a dedicated area for order fulfillment, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of products, even during peak seasons.

While the owners initially considered investing in an automatic press, they ultimately prioritized moving to a larger location to accommodate their growing operations first. Currently, Bryan and Courtnee work the shop while a third employee helps remotely from the East Coast.

Even with that core crew, Get It Got It has maintained strong momentum, so much so that in recent months, the shop has explored other services, like event printing with a single-color Riley Hopkins, to engage with the community. 

Using Inktavo Tools to Streamline Get It Got It

What’s changed significantly outside of their geographic location is the business’s implementation of new tools to run the shop better. Rather than invest in more equipment, Courtnee says they realized that the business management end needed to be fixed to scale and grow.

With the power of Inktavo tools like Printavo and InkSoft, Courtnee says they’ve been able to stay organized, efficient, and profitable. The couple decided to set up Printavo and was able to improve organization, reduce misprints, and keep jobs from slipping through the cracks.  

“We could not have scaled up as we did without Printavo,” says Courtnee. “There’s no way we would be sitting here just the two of us and a part-time person back in Pennsylvania handling our account management.”

Courtnee says adding a job management platform meant they could stop using Post-it notes to keep track of jobs and have a fluid, modern system to keep track of everything.

Plus, implementation helped the duo take the business to a new level in profitability. 

“When we started with Printavo, we were basically a side gig with revenue of around $75,000, and now we’re at $350,000 this year,” she adds. 

That streamlining has also helped them expand their services. Today, the business offers comprehensive services, including screen printing, embroidery, transfers, direct-to-film (DTF) printing, and other promotional products. 

That diverse spread of printing services makes it easier for Get It Got It to accommodate local customers like sports teams, schools, corporate clients, and tourists passing through to visit attractions like Mt. Rushmore, Sturgis, and Yellowstone. 

Get it Got It

Benefiting from Printavo and InkSoft Integration 

With the recent integration of Printavo and InkSoft, Get It Got It has been able to optimize their business even further. Before the integration, the duo printed manual work orders from InkSoft and managed the business on two different systems.

“Now, I can group all those orders together from InkSoft, and it’s in a production form that we’re used to using in Printavo,” Bryan explains. “Everything’s on the production calendar and can move along with all our other jobs.”

“Every shop has a different need and works differently, but a shop like ours that handles a lot of team stores, corporate stores, and production, it’s awesome,” says Courtnee. 

Bryan also points out that the integration has simplified the order management process for him and his remote employee. 

“The learning curve is so much smoother (with the integrated platforms), and we’re all looking at the same order information to prioritize what needs to get done,” he adds. 

“Every InkSoft storefront order is in the integrated setup, so there’s no need for extra cross-checking, no additional cross-training,” Courtnee notes. “You’re just building a store in InkSoft, and then your team is doing what they’ve always done in Printavo to print and fulfill the order.” 

Looking Forward for Get It Got It 

Now that they’ve dialed in core order management and online store processes, the owners are looking at ways to engage further with the community. Eventually, they’d like to upgrade to an automatic press, but a more near-term focus is getting the retail space up and running so they can continue offering printing events where people can come in and print their own shirts.

“We’re looking to be the go-to print shop in our town where people can get bulk orders and production, but if they need someone to print for an event, a fundraiser, or a store, all of those things are in our wheelhouse too,” says Courtnee. “Giving back to the community is important, and we can help it thrive with events.” 

When asked what she’d tell other businesses about upgrading their online store and order management systems, Courtnee stresses that there is no “perfect time” to upgrade.

“You’re never improving if you’re just waiting for that perfect moment,” she notes. “It’s better to look at the bigger picture and understand how better tools will save you time, which also saves you money.”

By embracing growth opportunities, investing in the right technology, and consistently delivering high-quality products and services, Get It Got It has carved out a niche in a competitive market.

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Printavo is simple shop management software. We help you streamline your business, keep jobs moving forward and your team on the same page.

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