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Realities of a Shop Owner (Burn Out, People Issues, and Growth)

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Hunter Strine is back to talk about the latest shop move and already having growing pains! There’s a lot to juggle on the road to growth. Putting it all on the owners shoulders isn’t the best way to go about it. How do we deal with burnout AND growing pains? we discuss!


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this is a this is awesome. This is a real conversation. And jobs listening to this like these are the things that keep us up at night is

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before we jump in, though, for incredible sponsors, you know, their names, and, if you guess the first one. Correct, send me an email.

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We would not be anywhere without them. So thank you so much. Graphics source. please hit them up if you need help in your art department. All right,

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your office is like a mad science lab,

00:03:56:07 – 00:03:58:05

stuff still sitting in my office.

00:04:02:12 – 00:04:03:14

What’s the new facility like?

00:04:03:14 – 00:04:10:11

It’s nice. I just. So it has, like, 220 500 square foot mezzanine.

00:04:10:11 – 00:04:25:20

And the problem is that we, like, we need that space for, like, manufacturing and like, it was just at the, you know, when we bought it, it was a great deal, you know, solid financing.

00:04:25:22 – 00:04:34:20

and it just made sense. but, yeah, kind of like, I didn’t realize we would need more so fast, you know?

00:04:39:12 – 00:04:40:21

I thought it was recent.

00:04:45:01 – 00:04:52:19

So we had a rock for us. I tell you this last time we had a rock press that we bought in 2020, like at the trade show,

00:04:52:19 – 00:04:53:11

thought it would fit

00:05:33:02 – 00:05:34:11

But it is connected. The right.

00:05:40:12 – 00:05:40:14


00:05:40:14 – 00:05:42:02

bit of a corn maze, if you will.

00:05:54:00 – 00:05:54:02


00:05:54:02 – 00:05:55:14

was a fun episode last time.

00:06:22:15 – 00:06:24:03

What was the goals?

00:06:24:03 – 00:06:46:09

thought we wanted to be at 5 million and surpass it. We didn’t quite reach. We were super close, but just, you know, there was a lot of a lot of things didn’t pan out the way we thought. And and, you know, I this year will definitely be there. so we’re still kind of growing at like 30 to 40% year over year now.

00:06:46:11 – 00:07:04:20

we, we had that weird trajectory where, like, at the beginning of a company, you know, we were like, growing really fast, really fast, really fast. And then, like, we’re starting to realize, like, start stable out a little bit, and then we’re, we’re trying to like, I think next year two, like, we have a lot of really good things, in the pipeline, like share desk.

00:07:04:20 – 00:07:18:11

And that’s a whole nother thing. but just trying to find that, like, new, piece of momentum for us, I think. And, like, that’s the next goal.

00:07:50:15 – 00:08:09:13

goal is like there’s so sporadic. Right. Like because we selling finances building under a three year balloon. Right. Like we have to go to a bank in two years and you know, the financing for it. And so like we have to increase our EBITDA to, to show the bank that we can afford it because the company’s six years old.

00:08:09:13 – 00:08:30:13

Right. So there’s like a lot of moving parts. But I think like for us it’s like, okay, if we can if we can get to a net profit of ten, 12%, right. And we can be there like we should be able to be there no matter the revenue. And that’s like like still our goal I mean 15 was like our, our our, you know, big goal.

00:08:30:15 – 00:08:52:01

But we’re always like focused on the net profit. I think if anything, like our net profit should increase through larger volume with the point that we’re at because we’re very labor heavy and like we did that on purpose as we scaled because there were so many moving parts, right? Like I told you guys before, like it’s just like we’re doing way too much.

00:08:52:01 – 00:09:06:18

I just, I think our goal just like, changes sporadically, but I think, you know, it’s we’ve kind of shifted more to departmental goals overall company goal is still to hit that 5 million of course. Like that’s like, you know target number one.

00:09:07:10 – 00:09:16:00

What do you. What do you mean by labor? Heavy. Like, is that as a percentage spend of your expenses is higher than you’d want it to be or

00:09:16:00 – 00:09:17:12

you fired multiple rolls.

00:09:17:12 – 00:09:20:06

You don’t you have good duplication or.

00:09:20:06 – 00:09:41:12

think that it’s too much. I think, well, since we started the company. Right. Like, minimum wage in Maryland has gone from, I believe it was like either 925 or 1010 when we started five years ago. 10 or $1515 an hour or so. We’ve had a pretty huge jump in labor, minimum wage and labor costs.

00:09:41:12 – 00:10:06:14

Right. And so, like, now, you know, you can’t really hire people for less than, you know, once that minimum wage rises, so does that base starting pay. And so like that’s definitely not helped. but no, we’ve we’ve been labor heavy from the very beginning just because, of the multiple different things. But to answer your question, I think it’s just like we have a lot of people, probably too many people.

00:10:06:14 – 00:10:30:17

I would say yes, in term, it’s probably higher than it should be cost wise. But, I’m not sure I, I, we have this weird problem, right where like, Jeff from, staffing and it was just in the other day and we were talking about this, too. It’s like everybody says you need less people because we have, like, roughly, on any given day, there can be 22 people in here, right?

00:10:30:17 – 00:10:50:04

Like 20 being full time. Right? It just depends. And Jeff comes in and like we’re talking and he’s like, dude, you need less people. And like everybody comes in and says, and I’m like, well, then why are we giving people that are here? More tasks like we continue to give the people that are here more tasks. It’s just a weird problem to have, right?

00:10:50:04 – 00:11:09:05

Because it’s like every person in here plays a critical role in the operations. Right? And meeting deadlines and stuff. So we trying to figure that problem out has been a weird one. And it’s like, I don’t know. That’s why I say that labor. It’s definitely like we have higher labor than I would say, another person at our revenue.

00:11:43:04 – 00:11:44:09

Yeah. It’s really popular.

00:12:12:14 – 00:12:13:09

Yeah, yeah.

00:12:13:09 – 00:12:14:21

It’s a good rough measurement

00:12:14:21 – 00:12:17:21

to say. Am I overspending on people or not?

00:12:30:17 – 00:12:52:07

It’s flip flopped. I’d say. I’d say it probably would benefit from being reversed. Right? Like, we’re. We’re more heavy in the production side of things. and I, like I said, I think it’s because we’re doing so many different things, right. Like, compared to, like, your standard shop that you go in and they’re, you know, just doing screen printing and embroidery and maybe they sub everything else.

00:12:52:07 – 00:13:01:03

And we’re doing a lot of that stuff in-house. Right. So it’s like you need somebody to run all these machines and they need to do that full time. Right. And it’s like.

00:13:01:03 – 00:13:10:21

do you feel like this is a this is awesome. This is a real conversation. And jobs listening to this like these are the things that keep us up at night is do we go wide or do we go deep, right.

00:13:10:21 – 00:13:36:03

Like, do we dig 20, you know, ten foot holes or, or ten 40ft holes, right. Have you thought and I think for listeners, you know, you do on demand decoration, right? You’re running e-commerce. You’re still bulk printing merch stores. You’re working on shirt does. There’s all these different things that you’re doing. Have you ever thought about narrowing your scope and just like literally cutting cutting pieces of the business off that are sort of

00:13:36:03 – 00:13:38:04

diluting you?

00:13:38:06 – 00:13:38:18

Yeah. I

00:16:01:03 – 00:16:02:15

Welcome to the

00:16:02:15 – 00:16:10:03

skies, dude. You know the problem with that though, is it never stops from here. It only grows until you can bring on someone

00:16:11:19 – 00:16:12:15


00:16:12:15 – 00:16:14:03

Stephen, the other

00:16:14:03 – 00:16:15:05


00:16:15:05 – 00:16:33:14

So are we hired? So I think Hunter I align with you there when you find those key people, the impact they make is exponential. I’ve I’ve got I’ve made a couple. With our investment, we’ve been able to afford incredible talent. A couple of them are, you know, having a CTO, having a CFO.

00:16:33:16 – 00:16:39:03

And when I heard his CFO, he assumed the role of HR. And

00:16:39:03 – 00:16:40:15

I don’t

00:16:40:15 – 00:16:44:03

own it anymore. And it takes me emotionally out of it.

00:16:44:03 – 00:16:45:03

And so.

00:16:45:16 – 00:16:46:15


00:16:46:15 – 00:16:49:15

Our CFO was doing H.R. As well for it for a little while.

00:17:05:04 – 00:17:05:15


00:17:05:15 – 00:17:07:15

because, I’m tired of this

00:17:07:15 – 00:17:09:18


00:17:09:18 – 00:17:31:13

Like, because you want people to not do dumb shit, but you also want people to care a lot about the same things that you care about. Right? And it’s that’s just the nature of running a business. And so the problem happen is it’s really problematic when like, you know, that they also share that same care but are still doing dumb shit, like we’re causing problems, right?

00:17:31:13 – 00:17:39:15

It’s like that’s when it gets like squirrely because it’s like they’re really good workers. They care a lot, but they just cannot get out of their own way.

00:20:43:06 – 00:20:44:03

Oh, right.

00:20:44:03 – 00:20:45:15

Oh, to hear

00:20:45:15 – 00:20:47:03

even that

00:20:47:03 – 00:20:48:03

dude, is he just

00:20:48:03 – 00:20:49:15

jacked or what?

00:20:49:15 – 00:20:50:14

he was.

00:21:19:20 – 00:21:22:14

Is there. Is there an option? D? All of the above.

00:21:24:02 – 00:21:47:04

I like to select all, please. Yeah, definitely too late. Definitely underpaid. But again, the pay thing is tricky because you’re trying to do as much as you can at that time. I do like, equity options, though, for some key members. It’s tricky, though, because if you do it for some key that will get out to the rest of the team.

00:21:47:04 – 00:22:09:11

And how do you how do you incentivize for certain people and not for others, if you want to do that or for all as a whole. But I do think having some feeling of ownership is nice, and that maybe could be phantom equity too, which is a lot easier. but I think, I don’t know. My mistake was just too late.

00:22:09:13 – 00:22:10:14

I almost thought

00:22:10:14 – 00:22:12:02

that some of the

00:22:12:02 – 00:22:32:10

managers should be fleshed out by, like 3 or 4 million. And granite software is different with margins and so on than the shop. But I found at that point I was doing way too much in the weeds that I didn’t. I should have been doing, like I was getting way too deep and then coming back up and and way too deep and I wasn’t like.

00:22:32:12 – 00:22:49:03

And part of it, I would say 60% was my fault of not being able to hand off stuff correctly, and then 40% was getting the right people that, you know, could handle some of the bigger problems and issues and, and people stuff and all that.

00:22:49:03 – 00:23:07:15

Are you saying Hunter? Oh, yeah. Going.

00:23:35:23 – 00:23:46:15


00:24:15:09 – 00:24:15:15


00:24:15:15 – 00:24:16:15

then didn’t work out

00:24:16:15 – 00:24:17:15

or what? Oh, my.

00:24:20:03 – 00:24:21:15

Oh. Okay. Good.

00:26:01:03 – 00:26:02:03


00:26:02:17 – 00:26:04:17

Will you finish?

00:26:17:05 – 00:26:18:17

If they get frustrated.

00:26:20:22 – 00:26:23:02

What? What was your day look like yesterday?

00:27:23:18 – 00:28:00:13


00:28:40:22 – 00:28:42:14

I mean, I.

00:28:42:14 – 00:28:50:04

I mean, I know you said you didn’t want to talk about it, but I also am very curious as to how you ended up burning or cleaning up screens. But.

00:29:34:07 – 00:29:34:14


00:29:34:14 – 00:29:37:02

so you’re just like. I’m forcing it through.

00:29:40:02 – 00:29:42:02

Steven or.

00:29:53:01 – 00:29:54:19

How do we keep. It’s like

00:29:54:19 – 00:30:00:03

you know, I, I was talking to my business partner, Jed, who’s twice my age,

00:30:00:03 – 00:30:01:15

and sometimes he’ll say. He’ll say

00:30:01:15 – 00:30:09:08

things like, why don’t we just burn all the screens for the week? You know, the first day on Monday, and then we’ll be set for the week? Like, why are we not batching stuff?

00:30:09:08 – 00:30:16:04

Why aren’t we working smarter, not harder. And I told him, I said, Jed, do they know how to use a calendar?

00:30:16:04 – 00:30:24:22

He’s like, well, I was like, they don’t, they don’t know how to use a spreadsheet, let alone a calendar. And I’m asking them to think three days in advance.

00:30:24:22 – 00:30:25:09


00:30:25:09 – 00:30:28:14

so I said, like, stop saying those things.

00:30:28:16 – 00:30:43:21

We need to peel back the onion and say, no, this isn’t this is an education problem. This is a training problem. This is a resource problem. This is a leadership problem. They don’t know how to use a calendar. That’s the problem here. They can’t you know. And so sometimes I

00:30:43:21 – 00:30:49:07

when I get in my head about my about staff and I’m like why aren’t you figuring it out.

00:30:49:07 – 00:30:50:02

Like what the

00:30:50:02 – 00:30:51:14

heck is wrong with you?

00:30:51:14 – 00:31:11:14

I always think, like, is it because they’re neglecting to know? They know the rules and they neglect to follow them, or are they trying to follow the rules and structure? But there isn’t much to follow, so they’re just doing the best they can with the tools they have. And so sometimes I’m like,

00:31:11:14 – 00:31:13:02


00:31:13:02 – 00:31:14:22

it’s maybe it’s us.

00:31:14:22 – 00:31:38:02

Because when I go into I was just talking about like Amazon delivery service and their DSV model, they have a 100 page manual on how Amazon delivery works and, and all that stuff. And I’m like, man, if we worked with the level of scrutiny to a Starbucks or a Jimmy John’s or an Amazon or something like that, I bet you you and I wouldn’t be Hurricane Steven and Hurricane Hunter.

00:31:38:14 – 00:31:39:14

and that

00:31:39:14 – 00:31:43:14

and I don’t know, that’s just, that’s just a hot take. How does that make you feel? And I

00:31:43:14 – 00:31:44:02


00:31:44:02 – 00:32:03:23

mean, I think it’s definitely true, but I think, like, I’m sure that Amazon, goes through this, and I’m. Well, I know that they do. And I’m sure that many large organizations do that. Sometimes shit hits the fan. Right. And like, shit isn’t in the manual, but I’m sure they update it, right. Like, I’m sure that they they update it once that happens.

00:32:03:23 – 00:32:20:23

But there’s things I think that that just can take place that you can’t prepare for. And I think that there has to be leadership there. Right. Like and I think that no matter what, you can have the manual, but somebody has to do the training, somebody has to do the somebody has to be a leader there. Right.

00:32:20:23 – 00:32:31:12

So is what you’re saying I call this like the crying baby is like, there’s a crying baby in the room who’s going to carry the crying baby? And a lot of times the owner just picks up the crying baby and is like, I’ll frickin do it.

00:32:31:15 – 00:32:33:10

I wonder what would happen if you said,

00:32:33:10 – 00:32:35:18

you guys figure it out? I’m leaving.

00:32:35:22 – 00:32:39:18

Well, I’ve done it many times. it’s just

00:32:39:18 – 00:32:41:06

And what happens?

00:33:09:06 – 00:33:26:13

Yeah. I think for me, I look at what the the reversibility and the impact of the situation, like, is this going to impact a customer that’s going to threaten the business or jeopardize our brand? Is this going to be an is this internal problem going to get external?

00:33:26:15 – 00:33:31:18

And I think the second it starts to get external is where I want to step in, because I’m like, this is where

00:33:31:18 – 00:33:33:00

we could lose a customer.

00:34:21:06 – 00:34:22:18


00:34:43:06 – 00:34:47:18

So, like Lord of the flies. Lord of the flies. They’re going to turn on each other. I don’t know,

00:34:47:18 – 00:34:49:06


00:34:49:06 – 00:34:57:23

so, so, Bruce knows this, but I’m spending less and less time in, in our production facility year to date, probably no less.

00:34:57:23 – 00:35:20:06

No more than 15 full days. in six months. and I’ve done that with intention, because when I got rid of my office, I got rid of my office in there. They needed it for space. But to I needed to create space for someone else to step up and say, all right, we’re all coming in early tomorrow.

00:35:20:08 – 00:35:37:23

Stephen’s not here. We’re all coming in early to. Hey, we’re working Saturday because we didn’t get this done and it’s on us. And you know, Stephen’s going to come back next week and he’s expecting it to be done. So who can work overtime on Saturday. And what what started to happen is, you know, my lunch and who are who.

00:35:38:01 – 00:36:01:10

They’ve they’ve filled that void and then they tell me after the fact, hey, we weren’t able to get this done. We came in on Saturday. Just so you know, you’re going to see a little O.T. on there, but I got it. I, I had I called on everyone and we came in early. We got it done. And I think that’s where before I would try to know the problem ahead of time, I would get in their ass about it and say like, when is this going to, how is this going to get done?

00:36:01:10 – 00:36:10:06

And and by hanging them, leaving them a little bit and it kind of feels like I had to get rid of my guilt and shame. That was my guilt and

00:36:10:06 – 00:36:11:18

shame. Yeah,

00:36:11:18 – 00:36:23:18

they’re they’re adults and they’re humans and they’re going to figure it out. And if the if it burns down, then they’ll call me. And it’s been a therapeutic experience for me.

00:36:24:05 – 00:36:27:18

So I would benefit from that.

00:36:56:15 – 00:37:05:18

I think I suffered from it in a way where, If I wasn’t overworking, I felt like I was not doing enough.

00:37:05:18 – 00:37:07:06

Or like I’m

00:37:07:06 – 00:37:29:15

supposed to be. You know, you’re supposed to be doing that. and maybe this goes back to what we were talking about before, which is an ego thing of, oh, you know, as the owner, you’re supposed to be working X amount more hours and doing more than everybody else and, and carrying it on your shoulders and just doing it and just stepping it in and setting an example that way.

00:37:29:17 – 00:37:32:06

Unfortunately, that was the wrong that

00:37:32:06 – 00:37:51:04

was the wrong direct path for me.

00:37:51:22 – 00:38:02:16

I know because they’ve they’ve like said a couple of things. They’d be like, wow, it’s so I’m so happy you’re taking a vacation. You’re like, don’t worry about this. Why are you still logged in to slack? I mean, people have literally written that.

00:38:09:00 – 00:38:30:17

Yes. Because I didn’t have, I didn’t have. Good like Hunter, I think you kind of mentioned this before, but, like, I didn’t have good patience. I think what it was, which is like I didn’t have enough patience to let things get resolved. So, it was like an anxiety thing. I was like, just, just, you know, and, I didn’t have that.

00:38:30:17 – 00:38:42:12

And so they definitely wanted that. They’re like, no, no, no. Like it’s fine. Like I, you know. Yeah, it’ll get resolved. Maybe not today. Like maybe not tomorrow, but but it will by Friday.

00:38:54:17 – 00:39:02:00

payroll on time. No, I mean, I think, like, that’s a good question. Maybe my guess is the

00:39:02:00 – 00:39:03:12

cliche, like, allowing

00:39:03:12 – 00:39:14:20

them to just do their thing. and that could step on, be able to make, you know, more important decisions, take on more important type of work.

00:39:14:20 – 00:39:15:20

feel like it’s similar on

00:39:15:20 – 00:39:17:08

yours? Yeah.

00:40:57:06 – 00:40:58:12

We’ve got the two

00:40:58:12 – 00:41:01:12

extremes. Like the one day that was never there. And then Hunter’s like

00:41:01:12 – 00:41:03:00

cleaning screens.

00:41:47:02 – 00:41:54:00

Do you feel. Do you feel like still fired up or more on the burnt out side? Or a combo or.

00:42:07:16 – 00:42:09:00


00:44:59:08 – 00:45:19:00

I don’t think I could have let go enough to to be able to do that. I think they would have been hard. I see what it looks like now, having having kind of watch this process, but. And now. Yeah. No brainer. In fact probably sooner. Right. Because I don’t I know that path of going down the burnout path.

00:45:19:00 – 00:45:45:01

And I like I felt it and I was like, and now I can. And that’s why I kind of asked you because I was like, shit. Like, I kind of see myself in this exact same thing. And I I’ve seen where this continues to go. If it continues down that path, like the business keeps growing, it needs more, and you just keep giving it everything possible until until I just said I like I can’t like I have to step back.

00:45:45:03 – 00:45:56:00

I physically cannot but yeah, I would have and I would and now, you know, if I would do something again, it would be, you know, I’d hire someone sooner

00:45:56:00 – 00:45:57:12

because of that. But that’s because I

00:45:57:12 – 00:45:59:00

again, I saw it, I saw it, I

00:45:59:00 – 00:46:01:00

saw it,

00:46:01:00 – 00:46:05:00

and it’s hard if you don’t, you know, it’s hard if you don’t,

00:46:05:00 – 00:46:06:07

go through the experience.

00:46:06:07 – 00:46:25:12


00:47:06:12 – 00:47:08:00


00:47:12:06 – 00:47:14:00

And that’s where you’re a step ahead. And I

00:47:14:00 – 00:47:33:00

was. I couldn’t recognize that. Yeah.

00:49:26:06 – 00:49:27:00


00:49:27:00 – 00:49:54:13

I appreciate you. Yeah. Oh, I just appreciate your transparency and being able to share. Because every time, every time an episode like this comes out, there’s always, like, five messages that comes back, you know, usually texting or emailing or something that’s like, hey, dude, really appreciate you having Hunter or whoever on like that. That hit home. Steven someone or I just, you know, talking about listening to the episode a couple times, the same one.

00:49:54:13 – 00:50:10:10

And so, I know the listeners appreciate it. And, I mean, I think this sort of update because I believe we chatted like ten months ago or so, but this sort of update, it’s pretty cool. And and we’re trying to do that a little bit more

00:50:10:13 – 00:50:16:05

Have a good one. Hey producers. Appreciate you guys listening in. we’ll see you in the next one. Thanks, guys.

00:50:16:05 – 00:50:38:10

Thanks so much for listening. Hopefully that was informative. Don’t forget to subscribe. Don’t forget to like, don’t forget to hit the bell for notifications. If you enjoyed this video, if you enjoy all the stuff we’re putting out, it’s really helpful. We love to just be able to see it. That means that we’re doing a good job. To subscribe, hit the bell for notifications and hit the like button and I’ll see you in the next episode.

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