4 Tips When Automating Your Print Shop - PrintHustlers Conf 2018 Highlights

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PrintHustlers Conf was a huge success! We had over 100 people from shops all over North America join us.

In this highlight reel, Steven Farag, Co-Owner of Campus Ink, talks about five tips when automated his shop.

1. Add all users to Printavo - Give full access to your account

2. Automate people & technology - Allow pushing a button to print, transform data, and add data where needed. Hire a virtual assistant from Upwork to help with data input.

3. Utilize Zapier to connect your website to Printavo to a CRM to your email newsletters, etc. Zapier is powerful and enables you to exchange data between 1,000+ apps on the web.

4. Automate receiving positive reviews for your shop. Create a status called "Review Us" which triggers an email to the customer asking for a review. You can use ReviewPro to have positive reviews be posted to Yelp/Google Plus and negative reviews are emailed to you directly to handle.

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