Announcing PrintHustlers Conf 2019: July 12-13


PrintHustlers Conf is back for our third year!

Click here to get tickets today! Here's what to expect:

  • Thought-provoking presentations.
  • Candid discussions.
  • Profound knowledge and resources about sales, marketing, growth and technique in the decorated apparel trade.
  • Industry leaders & experts from all over the U.S. – and beyond.

If you're a relentless Print Hustler, you'll want to be in downtown Chicago at East-West University on July 12th and 13th, 2019.

Confirmed speakers and presenters

Brett Bowden from Printed Threads will join us to talk about marketing. He's built one of the highest-profile print shops in the US through engaging messaging and imagery. If you don't know Brett yet, you're in for a fun time.

Lucas Guariglia from Row Boat Creative will join us to discuss merchandising. "Full-spectrum merchandising" is an end-to-end solution for businesses of all sizes. Learn how Lucas has leveraged custom merchandise to grow his own business while strengthening his clients' brands.

Ryan Moor from Ryonet is one of the industry's iconic leaders. A unique vision and relentless spirit has propelled Ryan to the forefront of the screen printing industry. His inspiring and candid presentations are always a highlight.

New to the industry? Or a seasoned veteran? There's something for you.

Marketing and sales are rapidly evolving. Google updates its algorithm 500 times a year. Facebook and Instagram are the new channels for building truly authentic brands.

Customers are inundated with noise, obnoxious ads and social messaging...and they demand better service than ever before.

One-click custom T-shirt orders are no longer a dream – they're becoming what people expect.

"There's no magic trick for success in the garment decoration industry: you've got to hustle and be the real deal."

Are you prepared to tackle this challenging environment? To make it all work in 2019, you'll need to be as flexible as you are persistent. Your marketing and growth efforts will pay off if you've got the knowledge, tenacity and connections. PrintHustlers Conf is where it all comes together.

Tell it like it really is – with people who really know.

PrintHustlers Conf is a place to learn.

But it's also a place to connect through candid conversations about the challenges we all face in the custom apparel industry. Pricing problems, production headaches, awful customers, flaky employees, marketing nightmares, software challenges – nothing is off limits.

Need a taste of what we'll share at PrintHustlers Conf 2019?

Last year we went in-depth into vital topics: utilizing contract printing, training new hires, leveraging automation in your print shop and even brand building in a challenging market. 

We've hosted amazing conversations with Ryonet's Ryan Moor, the creator of Geico's caveman ad campaigns, and marketing gurus like Shelby Craig.

This year we'll dive even deeper and go further to provide tremendous value in an action-packed two-day conference.

Develop. Grow. Learn. Keep pushing forward.

We started PrintHustlers Conf because we know what it takes to really succeed in this industry: grit, relentless improvement, a great story – and even some luck.

What was missing? A place & time to get together with the people who love this work. A conference dedicated to sharing knowledge, building connections and pushing through the real challenges that we face.

No one person can do it all! You need a team of dedicated and passionate professionals from diverse backgrounds that want you to succeed. PrintHustlers Conf 2019 is where you'll meet those people. A rising tide raises all ships.

Get Your Ticket

Bruce Ackerman, Printavo founder, at the first PrintHustlers Conf.
Bruce Ackerman, Printavo founder, at the first PrintHustlers Conf.


We love everyone that's part of Print Hustlers. That's why we're hosting this magnetic event. If you do one thing to develop your skills, grow your business and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in 2019, make it PrintHustlers Conf. We know you won't stop there.

We will slowly roll out our list of speakers as we move toward the event. There are going to be some great surprises.

Only PrintHustlers Conf offers this amazing opportunity to focus on your business and learn from people who've successfully been there and done it.

If you haven't already, join our Facebook group & start making connections today!

Last updated February 8th.

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