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10 Things That Will Get Your Shop to the Next Level

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Starting off in business is always hard. Surviving is even harder, especially in the decorated apparel business. So how do you go from start-up success to the next level? Eventually you'll have to get more customers, bigger and better equipment, and even more employees. Each step can put you into a bigger group and can be either a wonderful experience or a vast plateau full of land mines. Here are some thoughts on the rungs waiting for you on the ladder of success:

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Separation of Customer Due Date & Production Due Date

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You can now store a Production Due Date and a separate Customer Due Date on every order. This helps shops when they become busier and would like to schedule jobs to be printed on a different date than the customer is actually picking up the order.

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5 Ways to Drive More Sales to Your Print Shop

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Being in business requires sales and growth. Doing both can either come naturally, or be painstakingly difficult. We at Printavo are always looking for ways to boost our user base, and have also implemented plenty of strategies over the years in screen printing shops. Here are 5 realistic ways to ...

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Printavo has been full upgraded once again! (Many New Features)

cloud embroider New Feature printavo screen printing shop management sign manufacturing tool

Printavo has been an incredible journey. We started a few years ago with a vision to the best, simplest tool to manage your screen-printing shop. Now not only do screen-printers use our software, but so do embroiders and sign manufacturers. I'm constantly humbled but how many shops truly find Printavo ...

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Printavo Welcomes Chris to the Team!

chris General management printavo screen printing shop software woolumn

Chris Woolum Printavo would like to welcome Chris Woolum to the team! Chris has been building web applications his whole life and worked with me earlier on in Printavo's life. This is the first team member and we're both extremely excited to take Printavo even farther.

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Keeping your Screen Print Shop Clean - Ink Messes

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New to screen printing or looking to streamline your operations? As a small shop operator, I found out the hard way that keeping a clean and organized shop was essential to being successful. By minimizing waste I found that I was able to maximize profits and productivity. One of the ...

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Printavo Version 2 is live!

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Last night I pushed Printavo Version 2 live. This update allows for you to create more line item based invoices which is a huge improvement to what you've been using. You can now add any type of item (ex. 6XL, Stickers, Signs) you'd like or any type of expense you'd ...

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