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When using an incredibly flexible tool like Printavo, there are several out-of-the-box ways customers use the tool for their benefit. Today, we'd like to show you how you can easily remind your customers of their past orders and initiate a reorder.

These orders are the best because you quickly duplicate, order and process their order with minimal effort! Maybe even the artwork will stay the same... 

Follow the links for video demonstrations as well!

1. Create A Status for Reorder 

Go to your account settings and select custom invoice status. 

Create a new status and title it Reorder Reminder. You will associate an action with this that send the customer an email asking if they want to reorder!

2. Create A Status Change Notification

Go back to your account settings an select status change notifications

Select send customer an email under the drop down. 

Craft a creative message to your customers. It can look something like this.

"Hey there, 

We saw that you ordered this time last year and wanted to get a head start on your order. Let us know if you would like us to start working on your order! Not in charge anymore? We kindly ask that you pass this on to the next person in charge so we can make their ordering experience painless and simple!"

3. Spend 10 Minutes Per Month Getting Reorders

So maybe you don't want a reorder of every single job you've ever printed (6 colors 15 pieces, no thanks). But every month you should go into your calendar and pull up orders from last year. Simply change the status to Reorder Reminder and your customers will get an automated message. 

Have some fun with this! Customers that have tried it have had amazing results. Have a special trick or "hack" you want to share?  Email and join in the automation fun. 

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