5 Topics We're Looking Forward To At PrintHustlers Conference 2018

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Wow! We are just over a few short months away from our second annual conference. Last year we launched our first event, PrintovationConf, and this year we are back at it again, but with a better name: PrintHustlers. Why? Because that is what our community is made of.  The shops we work with are hungry to learn, eager to listen, and ready to collaborate and we want to hustle with you.

That is why we are inviting you and your team to Chicago for a 2-day conference starting Friday, July 20th, 2018! Although the weather in the windy city changes in a matter of seconds, we're pretty certain a beautiful summer weekend in July will be the perfect retreat for you and your business. We invite you to leave the shop for a few days, get away, and collaborate with others. We are all in this together.  

Last year was incredible. Because of the feedback, we decided to make it a two-day event, instead of last year's single-day event. While the day is going to be action-packed with incredible speakers, we know that the collaboration and networking really happen outside the talks, so our goal is to take the environment we set last year and turn it up a notch.

Guests who attended last year may remember that we invited business leaders from outside the printing industry to speak. This hybrid approach allowed us to pull extremely relevant knowledge from experts in other fields. In 2018 we are going to do the same and our speaker list is incredible. 

While all the talks were recorded some notable takeaways were Chis Amsey, SVP of Talent at Avant, as he discussed HR best practices when running your print shop. HR is a confusing area when hiring and scaling your team but Chris simplified it for us. Another favorite was Steven Farag, a young co-owner of Campus Ink Printing, that discussed how he took over a small family run business, and leveraged customer relationships to scale. 

Here are five topics we are really looking forward to this year on our speaker list:

1. Subscription Marketing - Justin Lawrence from Oklahoma T-Shirt Company struck gold by growing a retail business through a monthly t-shirt subscription.  Justin will be discussing how he executed his idea and continually sells thousands of shirts each month!

2. Family & Culture - The Becker Family from Jersey Ink will be speaking on building a culture in a growing shop, especially when the family is involved!  It is important to keep team members at all levels happy, and the mother-daughter duo, Susan & Christina will be sharing a lot of great information. 

3. Training & Managing a Sales Team- Adam Cook, head of sales at Printavo will be crushing it with every tip, trick, and tool you need to manage and run a sales team.  Adam will be focusing on training sales reps when they are hired, and the process you need to go through in your business to ensure their immediate success. Adam's team at Printavo has trained thousands of shops and help them improve their efficiency.  Adam will share every trick in the book when it comes to automating the sales process. 

4. Shipping & Fulfillment - We are going straight from the source here. Co-Founder of ShipBob, Divey Gulati, will be telling us the interworking of fulfillment and logistics. By introducing a third party technology with fulfillment, you can take fewer risks, and automate simple processes. 

5. Hiring - Kevin Baumgart from Hireology will discuss how to set up trackable, teachable, and accountable sales goals. Kevin has a proven track record in hiring, and training, and will give you an out of industry perspective on HR. 

We cannot wait to see you all in Chicago this July. It will be an awesome weekend you do not want to regret missing. 

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