How to Handle Payroll at Your Print Shop

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Getting started with a reputable HR provider early on will save you many headaches down the road. Dealing with new employee documentation, benefits, taxes, offer letters, payroll, hourly, contractor, and full-time employees will drive you up a wall!

At Printavo, when we first started hiring employees, we wanted to make sure everything was very clear for our team members. When was payday, how to enroll in benefits, etc needed to all be written clearly and easily comprehensible for everyone.

In addition, you have enough on your plate and don't need HR issues added onto this.

We did a lot of research when finding an HR/payroll provider that was simple to use and had a support team to help us.

We looked into using our accountant, ADP, ZenPayroll, Gusto, Intuit, and more.

After many trials, phone calls, and demos, we decided on Gusto. Gusto met our needs in the following ways:

1. Onboarding new hires - They can allow you to create new-hire documents for signing.
2. Support - Their live chat and email support has been amazing. They do have a phone number although we haven't needed to call it.
3. Data - We can pull all types of reports, find old paystubs and connect Gusto with other services for reimbursements, detailed accounting, and time-tracking.
4. Benefits - When we started to offer healthcare to our team, setting this up was unbelievably simple and required little work. They can handle 401k, transit benefits and more.

We're not compensated by Gusto to write this but truly feel it can help shops grow and focus on printing.

Any questions? Drop a comment below!

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