Printavo Improvements and Updates: Early February 2020

New Feature

Hello Print Hustlers!

Our newest version of Printavo is live.

As always, you can read more about the latest updates at We will also send you an email and an in-app notification once updates have been deployed.

Here are the latest updates to Printavo and Printavo Merch.

New: Customer email messaging deliverability

best sp revamp emails.png

Sending email from Printavo to your customers' inboxes is important.

What we did: We migrated to a transactional email channel. All outbound Printavo emails now come from Email providers may easily validate the domain, reducing errant spam filtering.

How to help: if customers report Printavo emails in their Spam folders, ask them to mark Not Spam or add to their email domain whitelist.

Improvement: "Notes" are now labeled "Customer Notes"

Customer Notes new.png

"Customer Notes" more accurately reflects that notes are visible by your customer. This change is effective on:

  • Quotes
  • Public invoices
  • Work orders
  • Packing slips

Fix: Search by Order Number in Printavo Merch Stores

search merch better.gif

Search Printavo Merch's online stores easily. Two great search fixes:

  • Search for Order Numbers in Printavo Merch Stores
  • Search for partial names of your Customers in Printavo Merch Stores

Improvement: Password helper text

password helper.png

Users see "Minimum 9 characters" to make Printavo password security simple.

Fix: Printavo Merch PO Box shipping error

PO BOX merch.png

Customers receive a helpful error message from Printavo Merch Stores if entering a PO Box address for a shipping carrier that does not support PO Boxes (UPS and FedEx, for example). In the past, this could trigger a harmful bug.

Jess leads an in-depth Printavo Training and Implementation session in Iowa.
Jess leads an in-depth Printavo Training and Implementation session in Iowa.

We've been busy at Printavo and have a lot of exciting updates and improvements to share with you in the near future.

See the latest updates written by Printavo Product Manager Mike Dorrance on our live Printavo Updates page.

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Finally, Printavo is hiring so don't hesitate to apply!

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