Preparing Your Print Shop For The Long Haul

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Starting and running a business isn't easy. And it doesn't get easier. There's an ever ending amount of tasks to be done, goals to be met and sales to generate.

This constant process of wanting to grow your shop can be mentally draining. It's tough to keep up with everything especially if you're a sole owner.

To prepare your mind for a 20 year plus haul, you have to find happiness in your work. This sounds cliche, I know. Let me break it down further.

What truly is your passion?

When you head in, work on a task for six hours, forget what time it is because of how much you enjoy the work, that's your passion. This is what you enjoy spending time on every day and should focus on heavily. It's going to push your business further.

Your new goal is to take everything else you spend time on, delegate, outsource or table it. Find people who love doing those tasks and you will run forward forever!

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