Printavo has been full upgraded once again! (Many New Features)

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Printavo has been an incredible journey. We started a few years ago with a vision to the best, simplest tool to manage your screen-printing shop. Now not only do screen-printers use our software, but so do embroiders and sign manufacturers. I'm constantly humbled but how many shops truly find Printavo useful and continue to not only use it but recommend it.

After much feedback, we have made a large update to Printavo that helps it become an even better tool for your shop.

  1. You can use Authorize.Net to accept payments as well as PayPal

  2. Download all Printavo to QuickBooks automatically every night (QuickBooks Online and PC-based QuickBooks supported)

  3. Global list of 70,000 products from ShirtSpace to use to create quotes and invoices quickly

  4. Create tasks on invoices that have due dates or just for the shop in general to help with project management


We've also made many tweaks to the system that shop owners have requested over the last few weeks. Some of which are:

  1. Taxable/Untaxable line items

  2. Add dates to transactions

  3. Shipping & Billing address for customers

  4. All transactions for a specific invoice are shown on that invoice

  5. Even faster system


Check it all out!

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About Printavo

Printavo is simple shop management software. Whether your shop works with screen printing, embroidery, signage, digital printing, or awards & engraving–we make your complex workflow simpler to manage and understand. Printavo keeps your shop organized by handling scheduling, estimates, quote approvals, workflow, payments, accounting and more. With Printavo, you’ll work smarter–not harder.

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