[NEW] Printavo Merch Fundraising, Headlines, Banner Images, and More

New Feature

Hello Print Hustlers! Mike here from Printavo. We have a huge and exciting update to Printavo Merch to share with you.

It's been a busy week. The team has pushed hard to get these important new features in your hands!

This update includes the following notable improvements to Merch.

  • Fundraising Features
    • Set fundraising goals that are displayed front-and-center on your store
    • Determine a dollar amount (or percentage) of each sale to be used for fundraising
  • Store Headlines
    • Add an attractive headline to your store for visual hierarchy
  • Store Banner Images
    • Add an attractive banner image to your store for branding and visual appeal
  • Drag & Drop Product Display Ordering
    • Control the order products are displayed on your store through a simple drag-and-drop interface

We hope the Fundraising feature is useful. Bruce talks through it here:

Please let us know if you have any feedback!

Fundraising with Printavo Merch

If no one has placed an order, a handy "Be the First!" message appears

Show your customers exactly how much they're helping with Fundraising on Printavo Merch!

To begin your first Fundraising campaign, start a Printavo Merch online store and navigate to Store Settings > Fundraising.

From there, you can easily control how much you collect. Select a Fundraising Amount Per Product: either a dollar amount or a percentage of each product sold.


Each order placed in your Merch store records its own individual Fundraising Amount. Fundraising amounts are easily accessible through the Merch Store Orders page (and on the Merch Store Orders Export CSV).


You can also control whether you Display the Fundraised Amount.


And finally, you can set a Fundraising Goal. We suggest setting achievable goals first!

A Fundraiser with no goal shown

A Fundraiser with a goal shown

Merch Store Headlines and Banner Images


While you can still use HTML in your Printavo Merch Store Descriptions, you may easily add a Headline and Banner image (as shown above).

Your Banner image should be 1200px by 630px to display properly across all devices and platforms.

Edit these visually appealing elements easily under Store Information > Headline and Banner.


Drag & Drop Product Display Ordering


Rearrange the order of your Products easily with our new drag-and-drop interface.

Head to the Merch Store Products tab to access this feature.

Social Sharing Improvements


If you use Banner images in Printavo Merch, they will appear across social platforms correctly.

Your Headline will appear as the Title and your Store Description will appear as the Description across different social channels.

More exciting improvements and updates to come!

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