PrintHustlers Guide To: Growing a Successful Screen Printing Business, Chapter 10: Payroll Should Be Automated

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Now that you have your books and staff in place, managing the livelihood of your business and team is crucial. Making sure they are paid on time and in the most professional way possible is your new job. 

There are several payroll solutions that will integrate with QuickBooks, like Gusto or Intuit. We’re printers, not HR executives, so when it comes to taxes and federal withholdings – leave it to the professionals. 

Some bookkeepers will help process your payroll. Regardless, we highly recommend Gusto. It will create total transparency for your team about their taxes, pay dates, benefits and wages. Your accountant will love how easy it makes calculating end-of-year taxes.

As the business owner, it’s your responsibility to lead well. You put your employees in a bad situation very quickly if payroll is not prompt and professional.

Screen printing is a multi-billion dollar industry with customers from every part of the world. Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs discover their passion for screen printing - and they want to claim their cut of the billions and billions of dollars spent on custom printed apparel.

But the majority of new screen printing shops fail before they reach the 5-year mark. They fail because of poor business planning, dull branding, and a lack of ability to scale.

Your shop can be different.

This is an excerpt from our book, The PrintHustlers Guide To: Growing a Successful Screen Printing Business. Written by Printavo's dynamic founder Bruce Ackerman, Campus Ink's enterprising Steven Farag, and Adam Cook. The PrintHustlers Guide To: Growing a Successful Screen Printing Business is the next generation's guide for building your own lucrative print shop.

You can purchase a physical copy of the book on Amazon.

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