Spring Cleaning & Updates

New Feature

We're going to begin posting product updates every two weeks so everyone can get better insight into what we're working on.  

The past two weeks have been incredibly busy (as usual).  We deployed a whole new design revamp which simplified Printavo, combined duplicate features (Sending & Messaging) and removed extras.  As we continue to create an even more powerful system, we want to make sure to keep things organized and easy-to-use.  

QuickBooks Sync received a large update yesterday which will help with the consistency of bringing your data over to QuickBooks.  We also introduced a QuickBooks Sync Dashboard to show you potential errors that can block syncing.  

Sometimes Intuit can be a bit finicky during the day so every night we're grabbing everything that needs updating and syncing it again, just in case!  This will help with consistency as well.  

Lastly, you can sync by status now!  You will select which statuses you'd like to sync to QuickBooks to have more control. 

You will be able to export your data by date now instead of everything.  This is great so you won't have to sift through all of your data when you exported like before.  

We deployed massive backend upgrades to Printavo which helped reduce Calendar and Invoices load time by almost 80%!  That's amazing and we're excited to continue working on making Printavo faster.

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