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Weekend Brief - Printavo Updates - Happy Independence Day Weekend!

New Feature

PrintovationConf was incredible this past weekend as we had shops from all over join us. Our speakers were thought provoking and it was great learning from everyone. 

Along with a string of server upgrades, we deployed a few changes:

  • Larger Workorder Images
  • Partial Customer Search - Use a search phrase along with a "*" to search for a partial name. Example, you can find the word "Printavo" if you searched for "Print*"
  • Android Scrolling Fix
  • One Size Product Pricing - For items such as FlexFit hats, we now price them correctly in line items.  If a hat size is "S/M", use the "S" column.
  • Shipping Labels Tracking Page - When a customer clicks a shipping label from an invoice, they will view EasyPost's tracking page which is a detailed view of where their package is. 

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About Printavo

Printavo is simple, shop management software. We work with screen printing, embroidery, awards & engraving, signage and digital printing companies to make your workflow easier. Our software helps you keep your shop organized by handling scheduling, estimating, quote approvals, workflow, payments, accounting and more. This all allows you to work smarter, not harder.

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