What Tablet Mount Should I Use For My Screen Printing Press?

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Looking for an easy way to mount an iPad, phone, or tablet to your screen printing press?

Need to put Printavo straight onto your screen printing press?

Check out what the team at Family Industries in Los Angeles does: they mount Printavo straight onto their ROQ automatic screen printing press for quality control.

They recommend the Suptek Aluminum Tablet Desk Mount available for around $30 here on Amazon.

Curious to see what Family Industries is like? They're one of the world's best live screen printing operations, doing more than 400 live screen printing activations a year. Check out our tour of their facility below:

A huge thanks to Max and the Family Industries team for having us in their shop.

Additionally, we always recommend MobArmor magnetic mounts if you want a durable magnetic mount for Printavo on your iPad, tablet, or phone.

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