When should I hire my first employee?

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You should consider hiring your employee after carefully addressing a few key aspects of your business.

First off can you afford it? Can you keep them busy or will you have to lay them off when it is slow? It is important to think about the livelihood of the employee. Are you hiring them because you are too busy selling and growing the business, or just hiring them because you don't like doing their job? They are looking for job security, so it is important that you can afford to keep an employee around.  

Secondly, do you know your industry well enough to manage it? Hiring someone because you don't know how to do something is dangerous because then they can control the destiny of your business. It is a good idea to master your craft before hiring someone to do that job so that you can maintain a standard of performance.  

Make sure you're ready to spend the time with them.  Training is vey important and can take a month to get someone up to speed.  Set your expectations, assist them to do the best job they can and keep moving forward. 

Hiring the first person is about taking the leap and not looking back.  It may be a stretch at the time but focus on making the sales to cover that employee and growing from there.  Step by step! 

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