5 Tips For Marketing Your Print Shop Around the Holidays

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You might be cramming to finish up those last screen printing jobs before closing up shop for some quality time with the family. 

Or you may be spending time cleaning up the shop, closing out the books for the year, and setting your sales goals for the new year.

While you do all of that, recognize that the quiet time in your shop may be advantageous for you to get out and connect with customers. Your customers may also have a relaxed schedule leading up to the holidays, so here is a perfect opportunity to gain new customers, engage with existing customers, and set your business up for sales success in the new year. 

Here are 5 tips for marketing to your customers around the holidays

1. Gift Your Company Prints

Instead of getting holiday cards, flyers, or fruit baskets made for your customers around the holidays, simply print a batch of items that you sell and gift them to your customer. Create an Ugly Sweater print with your company logo and hand them out to your best customers.

2. Get Lunch with existing customers

A few days a week, around the holidays, you should be hosting your customers for lunch. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. If you can touch 15 current customers and spend an hour with them over a meal, it can build extremely strong relationships in the new year. Ask about their business, tell them about yours, and see how you can mutually benefit from each other. 

3. Cold Call 

Most other businesses and organizations will be also doing some of the same activities that you are doing in your business. They will have time to listen to you. More importantly, they will be more willing to listen because they, too, might be going through transitions and open to new ideas. 

4. Hand Written Notes

Spend some time writing out holiday cards that are personal, creative, and not your typical greeting card.  Make sure you spend time making sure each one is unique. If penmanship is not your forte, use a service like Bond.

5. Gift Your Customer's Prints

Give your customers a decorated item with their logo on it. This could quite possibly be the most personal thing you can do for a customer around this time of the year. It gives them a taste of what they can buy from you. It also will garner an extreme amount of respect and appreciation. 

Embroider 2 polos with their logo on it?

How about golf towels?

Etch a few wine glasses? 

A banner or car magnet with their company contact info?

Screen Print some re-usable bags?

These little gifts will make the world of a difference! 

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