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How many orders per week does your shop print? Are you still at a point where you can remember most of your customers?  You might be involved in the production of the job, or you may have nothing to do with it.  

As a business owner, you have the special ability to add a personal touch to your business by interacting with your customers in a different way.

You are the Head Chef of your kitchen 

Okay, maybe you're not the of best cooks but you can certainly print a 4 color process job better than the majority of the industry and register a job without any guides. 

Imagine the best restaurant you have been to. What made it so special? Did the Chef come out during your meal and ask you how things went? Think about that experience and relate it to your business.

Your customers think highly of you as an owner because you have put together a business and service they are using. Give them the appreciation they deserve. 

Keep it simple 

If you have not spent much time on customer appreciation don't stress too much.

You might find yourself scouring through emails to make sure your staff is handling orders correctly or looking at your calendar to see what orders are coming through. Pick a few of those jobs, and send out a simple thank you to that customer. 

It can look something like this:

Dear XXX Customer,

I saw that you recently placed an order for your event and I wanted to say thank you for working with us. I hope your XXX event went well (get specific here so they know it is personal). It was a pleasure printing for you. Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you in the future!


Your name


Make it a habit

For this to work well, you have to be consistent about it. Try doing this once a week for just an hour and you will be able to touch quite a few customers. Remember that customers are the lifeblood of your business and without them, you don't have a business!

Go the extra mile (occasionally)

If there are specific customers that are your absolute favorite, let them know. Try doing this with a personal card. Order some card stock with your business name on it and write a few letters every week. Imagine being that customer that receives a hand-written note from the owner of the company they just worked with.  As our industry continues to roar into technology don't forget the interpersonal relationships that humans still value. 

Ask for feedback and use it

While you do begin interacting with customers post job, don't forget to ask for feedback, and do something with it when you get it. If a customer raves about a certain employee, print that email out and put it on their desk with a gift card to Starbucks. If you receive negative feedback, make sure it is handled immediately, and professionally. Remember, constructive criticism does not have to be negative so take it to your team and figure out how to improve your quality and service. 

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