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The 9 Best Screen Printing Channels on YouTube

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YouTube is where screen printers learn, collaborate, and show off their work. It’s also a valuable marketing channel for every type of business.

But where should you go to find the best screen printing content on YouTube?

We’ve compiled the best YouTube channels here for you.

Think we’re missing one? Shoot us an email and tell us why we should include your channel.


We’ve published hundreds of interviews and helpful videos designed to share the most insightful ideas from the smartest people in the custom printing industry.

What they cover

We cover everything from technical videos about running a better darkroom to shop tours to interviews with leaders in the industry (like SanMar and Bella & Canvas executives).

Printavo’s YouTube channel also includes a plethora of how-to videos for Printavo’s shop management platform.

Why they’re good

Want a broad overview of screen printing – and to learn whos-who in the industry? Our channel makes it easy.

Our favorite video

While it’s hard to pick just one, this video from PrintHustlers Conf 2019 features Mike Michalowicz’s full Profit First presentation. It’s not just entertaining – it’s tremendously informative.

Check out Printavo’s channel here.

Lee Stuart

With an eye for detail, high-quality editing, and a meticulous attention to quality, Lee Stuart’s YouTube channel is totally unique.

What started as a channel about motorcycles evolved into a documentarian and how-to video blog about running a screen printing shop.

Lee’s no-BS attitude and impressive results speak for themselves.

What they cover

Lee built a following by showing off his home shop – an impressive, no-expense-spared space – and has kept growing it by posting great reviews of different products, how-to guides, and compelling prints.

He covers topics screen printers want to know about: squeegees, inks, DIY projects, shop upgrades, learning new printing techniques…and a lot more.

Why they’re good

Lee takes a lot of time to make sure his videos are extremely high quality.

You’ll notice it right away: from the narration to the b-roll shots, the videos are higher quality than most television shows.

Our favorite video

An instant classic, Lee’s viral hit showing off his home studio set the bar for all screen printing videos higher than ever.

Check out Lee Stuart’s channel here.

Taino Ink

John Taino at Taino Ink has taken great pains to document what it takes to run his screen printing shop – and shared much of it on his YouTube channel.

His clever topic choices, problem solving, and infectious positivity are worth your time.

Located in the Bronx, Taino Ink has been in business for about 12 years…and now YouTube is a major part of the equation.

What they cover

Taino Ink’s videos cover topics that new screen printers obsess over.

His topic selection is very useful: how to screen print photos, how to make a living in screen printing, screen printing lots of colors, how to reduce setup time…and a lot more.

A lot of the videos offer specific instructions – but the best offer actionable strategies for solving common problems.

Why they’re good

Taino Ink videos have very high production values – but it’s the frank and upbeat messages that make you come back again and again.

There’s no clickbait here. Each topic is thoughtfully addressed and adequately covered. These are videos you can count on.

Our favorite video

“Making a Living in Screen Printing” is a great look inside the Taino Ink world. Plus, it’s simply a candid glance into the entrepreneurial spirit that screen printers embrace.

Check out Taino Ink’s channel here.

Catspit Productions

One of the longest-running screen printing channels on YouTube, Catspit is the brainchild of Jonathan Monaco. Some of the videos on the Catspit channel are well over a decade old, but have hundreds of thousands of views.

Once a screen print shop in Arizona, their real passion became creating educational content for YouTube.

Now, Catspit is a formidable supplier for screen print shops across Arizona and the US – with headquarters in Phoenix.

What they cover

Catspit has published hundreds of videos covering every virtually every technical topic about screen printing.

These videos are particularly useful because they show you exactly what’s being discussed. With generous b-roll and an instructional feel, Catspit’s videos make you feel like you’re right in the shop.

Why they’re good

With real tips and tricks from an experienced screen printer, Catspit is as authentic as you can imagine.

These are topical, detailed videos about specific problems that lots of shops encounter: printing with puff ink, printing on sleeves, understanding emulsion and cleaning your screens correctly, using underbases and a lot more.

With hundreds of videos, it’s likely that Catspit has covered a topic you’re interested in.

Our favorite video

Why choose this video about the screen printing process?

Because we show it to every new hire at Printavo. It’s a classic, and gives you a great feel for the Catspit video feel.

Check out Catspit Production’s channel here.

Emulsion Guru

Chromaline’s Kevin Kauth has taken the time to build an awesome YouTube channel sharing his knowledge about emulsion.

What they cover

With deep dives and Q&A sessions, Emulsion Guru has detailed videos that cover the specifics of screen printing’s hidden variable: your emulsion.

From the top textile emulsions to measuring emulsion-over-mesh, Emulsion Guru has hours of content to digest about emulsion.

Why they’re good

It’s hard to find detailed knowledge like this on YouTube – most videos are made for a very general audience.

Here, Emulsion Guru has carved out a small but valuable niche. You can learn detailed technical information about emulsion and screen making from this channel.

Our favorite video

This online seminar really covers all of the bases for making screens – it’s totally worth your time.

Check out Emulsion Guru’s channel here.


Brainchild of Ryan Moor, this famous distributor started as a side hustle. With years of instructive videos, tutorials, and how-to tips, Ryonet’s channel has boosted thousands of print shops to the next level.

What they cover

Showcasing inks, equipment, and strategies to do better prints, Ryonet’s channel covers everything from the technical details of screen printing to business-oriented discussions.

Why they’re good

Always compelling, well-produced, and on-point, Ryonet’s videos are a gold standard for screen printing channels on YouTube.

Our favorite video

A look back at Ryan’s development as a screen printer, this video is a perfect encapsulation of what’s made Ryonet so successful.

Check out Ryonet’s channel here.

Atkinson Consulting

Marshall Atkinson may not need an introduction. Longtime industry consultant and print shop veteran, Marshall has a knack for offering incisive advice and clear strategies for success.

What they cover

The channel offers Q&A sessions, podcasts, and in-depth interviews with different printers in a series called The Best T-Shirt I Ever Printed.

Why they’re good

Realistic in scope and with a broad approach to managing your business, the videos on Marshall Atkinson’s channel are focused on growing your business and thoughtfully approaching a very complex topic.

Our favorite video

Featuring the legendary Mark Coudray, this tale of Mark’s best print is pure gold from a printer that has shaped the industry.

Check out Atkinson Consulting’s channel here.

Kevin Acker

Fireman and screen printer, Kevin Acker posts super helpful tips and tricks for frustrating scenarios in print shops.

What they cover

Masks, storing vinyl, printing screens, hacking your emulsion – and lots more.

Why they’re good

A cool perspective from a great guy, Kevin’s videos show an entrepreneur in the process of growing and developing their business.

Our favorite video

Vinyl is great! But how do you store it? Kevin has an idea.

Check out Kevin’s channel here.

The Ink Build Up

Follow along with a young entrepreneur as he builds his dream print shop in Mexico. Antonio’s heartfelt and clear videos are a great look into a DIY screen printing master.

What they cover

Antonio’s videos focus on the how-to aspect of screen printing.

He shares techniques and secrets he’s learned while also sharing his own DIY achievements and builds.

Why they’re good

Antonio shows exactly how much screen printers can accomplish with a do-it-yourself spirit.

He built an exposure unit from scratch and has documented the entire process!

Our favorite video

The culmination of the DIY series involving Antonio’s exposure unit, watch as he tests and perfects his homemade LED exposure unit.

Check out The Ink Build Up here.

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