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Is your business spending money on digital advertising? Google AdWords and digital ads can become very costly, especially if you are paying a third-party to do it for you. Digital marketing can become a bit overwhelming for the small business owner. If you are beginning to venture into paid social media marketing, here is a very simple way to get your brand out to your customers.

The best way to start is with boosted posts on Facebook. Boosting a post gives you the ability to drive one of your posts to a very targeted audience. Instead of displaying targeted ads, get your feet wet by using boosted posts. Some ideas for boosted posts could be a great print you have for a local event that is coming up in the area, a historic moment for your business, or a birthday of one of your employees.

By posting a picture of a t-shirt your shop printed for a specific event and boosting it towards the target audience and location for the event, you are creating brand awareness for your business. Instead of a targeted ad  (“$4.00 t-shirts, buy now”), your boosted post (“We loved printing these shirts for the local Chocolate Festival this weekend, make sure you pick one up with your admission!”) shows potential customers real results and examples of your work. This effectively creates a stronger reference for your business.

Assuming that you already have a basic Facebook page for your business, the first key is content! This is easy for us printers because we have content coming hot off the press all day long. For starters, begin by posting pictures of your favorite prints every day. The 4 Color process jobs, or the ones that are “fun to print”. It is suggested to tie your Instagram account to your Facebook and use Instagram to take consistent pictures and videos of your jobs.

Once a week, or if you are printing a really important job, go ahead and try boosting it. Facebook will walk you through the basics of it, but there are a few key components. One is creating your audience. Try to create an audience that best suits the demographic, gender, age and interest of individuals that would be getting one of the shirts. If you are printing for charity, you can put that charity in audience’s interests, or a shared interest of your customer’s event. For instance, if there is an event going on in a college town, a shared interest could be the football team in that college town.  Then you’ll pick a location. Pick a “geofence” that surrounds where the most amount of people will be when that shirt is most visible. So if the shirt will be worn at the fun run, in a college town, select an appropriate radius to surround the event. Next, you’ll need to select an amount of money and duration. Pick a duration that will be based on the event dates, but also an amount of money to capture the appropriate amount of people. Don’t go overboard, ten or twenty dollars can go a really long way with a boosted post!

The idea here is that someone attending the event, will see who made the clothing they are receiving and it can spark the “Oh! I know the company that made the shirt for the Chocolate Fun Run, they were super nice, let’s use them”. Remember, these are baby steps! With Facebook’s strong analytic tools, you can see the results and insight of your boosted post. Facebook might even suggest you add more money to a boosted post, or let you know when a boosted post isn’t working, and for what reasons. Start small, and try a few out. Let us know how it goes, and as always, feel free to reach out for more help!

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