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About The Gildan Company

A Canadian apparel manufacturing company started in 1946, Gildan has grown from crafting basic children's apparel to the worldwide leader that it is today. Gildan's Ultra Cotton t-shirts are the de facto industry standard for an affordable 100% cotton t-shirt.

Gildan has expanded into most major countries. Gildan has also been on an acquisition spree in recent years, purchasing small and medium-sized distributors and private labels in the apparel space.

Today, the company includes 50,000 employees in 7 different countries. 30 manufacturing facilities house many different lines of fashion and apparel. Gildan has expanded far beyond t-shirts into general athletic apparel, socks, legwear, winter wear and much more. 

T-shirts and garments on display at a screen printing shop
Gildan manufactures a huge variety of garments under a large umbrella of brand names.

Need help getting in touch with Gildan?

Their friendly customer support staff is happy to help you. Whether you're dealing with shipping problems, missing t-shirts, holes in t-shirts, or any variety of fulfillment and procurement issues, Gildan's support staff is extremely helpful.

Gildan is just a phone call away to help answer all of your questions.

Gildan Phone Numbers: Customer Support and Service

Need to contact Gildan for support, service, or any other issues?

In Canada, here's how to call Gildan for support, supplies, and sales:

  • Gildan Canadian customer support phone number: 800-668-8337, Ext. 4115

In the United States, here's how to call Gildan for support, supplies, and sales:

  1. Gildan US customer support phone number (Printables): 877-445-3265
    1. Note: this calls the wholesaler support number and is likely the number you should try first.
  2. Gildan US customer support phone number (Consumers): 866-210-5946

Internationally, here's how to call Gildan for support, supplies, and sales:

  1. Gildan European customer support phone number (Europe): 00-800-585-25852
  2. Gildan Mexican customer support phone number (Mexico): 00-1800-514-8337
  3. Gildan Austrialian customer support phone number (Australia): 800-00-0506 Ext. 4011


You can also email Gildan customer support anytime:

  1. Gildan General Information:
  2. Gildan Website Support:
  3. Gildan Activewear:

Once you've got a hold of Gildan, check out our interview with Jon Weiss – the former VP of Decoration at Gildan and co-creator of simulated process screen printing.

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