How Campus Ink Grew Their Screen Printing Shop 150%

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Campus Ink grew 150% in a year. They were using paper invoices and an unknown workflow. Steven bought into the business ready to take things into overdrive. The shop didn't have an understanding of how long it took to complete a job. Quoting, approvals, collecting payment, and shipping was slow in their business.

Steven's main goal was to increase turnaround time. "How can we speed up quoting, approvals and printing? "


He first started documenting the current workflow of their shop. The idea was to systematize the business. Create a process that everyone can follow and publish it in the shop. This will help new-hires too.


The next step he did was to introduce technology to make this process a lot more efficient. Steven got everyone on Printavo to remove paper trails and increase transparency in the business. He got sales reps using text messages to receive approvals faster.


Increase sales from existing relationships. He took his five top student customers and asked them to send referrals. They started sending so much business that he hired them to do outside sales. Steven sent a monthly email (using, from his email address to all customers to make sure Campus Ink stayed at the top of customers' mind. He also sent out surveys to customers to continually change his business and adjust to what customers needed.


Steven branded himself as "Steven the tshirt guy" in everyone, business cards, on the phone, email, etc. This helped people remember where to get customer garments as they needed it.

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