How To Grow Your Screen Printing Business From $250k to $1M

We previously discussed the starter phase of a screen-print shop ( Going from 0-250k in sales is a huge accomplishment. You're probably still printing or handling sales while your partner prints.

This is where it's time to turn into a true business owner, not a screen-printer. It's a shift in mentality for many but a necessary one to create a growing, scalable business.

Think about it this way, if you're pulling a squeegee and you value your time at $50/hr, you could hire someone for $10/hr to do the same work. This means you're harming the business by undervaluing your time. Of course, it takes time to hire for these roles. But realize the goals to shoot for.

Your role is going to shift to systemizing your business. Focus on:
- Sales and operational efficiency
- Making your people the most efficient as possible
- Increasing sales by "being the host of the party". Host the marathon, community parties, small business parties, etc

Team size coming to $1M should be you, a graphic designer, a production manager, a sales rep/front-desk person, three screen printers, one folder/shipping/receiving team member. This will set up your business to be approximately $125k revenue/employee. Over time, you will want to shoot for closer to $200k revenue/employee and begin to have replication for each role.

Take a listen to these tips and let us know others you may have.

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