How to Prepare Your Print Shop for a Hurricane

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Preparing your print shop for a hurricane if you live along the coastline isn't something we normally think about. This slight uptick in hurricane frequency means shop owners need to be aware of risks.

If you're in the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coastal areas, Hawaii, parts of the Southwest, Puerto Rico, the Pacific Coast, and the U.S. Virgin Islands
and territories in the Pacific, it will be important to create a hurricane/water backup plan.

The health and wellbeing of your family is priority number one and if there is additional time, you will want to protect your business assets.

FEMA created a great document that you can follow in detail.

To summarize, here are great next steps:

  1. Document all equipment with photos, serial numbers, and model names. Keep this information on a Google Sheet.
  2. Keep any equipment manuals and maintenance records with you. Making a copy is a great idea.
  3. If you still have a copy of your equipment receipts, take photos of them on your phone.
  4. Brace and stabilize equipment to the best of your ability.
  5. Move all other electrically powered equipment to a different location if possible or stack them on top of tables. (ex. flashes, computers, tablets)
  6. Turn off all power from a power surge in your building.

After returning from the store, inventory for all damage by doing the following:

  1. Take photos of your shop as you return.
  2. Contact your insurance agent to assess the damage.
  3. Contact a certified maintenance professional to assess and repair equipment.

We hope this helps and stay safe during hurricane season!

Thank you to M&R for additional information.

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