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Customer care & support is a term many companies use. But many companies don't truly own up to the term. Missed emails, calls and poor empathy is all too prevalent in our industry.

I've taken tips from shops that are top-notch customer support experts and tactics from how we handle support at Printavo to help you! We want you too, to be able to offer amazing customer support with these easy tricks & tips.

Inbox Zero: Make sure all emails are answered by the time you leave. There shouldn't be any responses that are left without an answer.

Get going on a support platform like GrooveHQ or Zendesk. These tools will keep all questions coming into one inbox to be assigned and handled. With questions coming in from Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Email, etc, it's difficult to keep track of everything. These systems keep it all in one place.

With this support platform, you'll want to measure First Response Time and Customer Satisfaction. First Response is a measurement of how quick, on average, you respond to messages. Customer Satisfaction is an automate survey that goes out to customers asking if they had Good or Bad service. Results are tallied and averaged.

Use our TAR method when responding to questions. Thanks. Acknowledge. Resolve. Example: "Thanks for asking your question Catie! We understand your concern. We can absolutely let you know when your order is ready to pick-up. Have a great day!"

Bonus Tip: Answer your phone as much as possible! Set a goal of getting to 0 missed calls during business hours.

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