New - 3 Powerful Updates For 2018

We couldn't be more excited for 2018! Along with a full roadmap of exciting features, we're announcing two today!

Advanced Line Item Customization

No longer do you need to have all line item sizes in every order. You can now customize each order for only the line item columns you want to use.  If you're handling a shirt job in one order and banners in another, you're all set!


Tags are a new way of keeping track of orders. You can use tags to keep track of different types of printing, press assignments, warehouses, print locations, people, tax types and more. 

You are also able to filter by tags on the Invoices page.

SMS Messaging

Your customers' inboxes are full of emails. This is why we now allow you send text messages to your customers, right from inside Printavo. Request payments, notify customers of shipments and much more using text messaging.

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Minor Improvements

  • Deleting inquiries is available
  • Update Line Item Pricing Quickly - When you edit the quantity of a quote/invoice, you can click the refresh icon to re-calculate the price.

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