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Over time we found that sales is a team sport.

It's a basketball team where the ball gets passed around with the end goal of a slam-dunk. This process requires the company to work together on the same goal together.

If one sales rep creates a lead from a tradeshow, and someone back at the office closes them, you're working together to win.

A company brand is the full customer experience someone encounters. This may warrant using a team-based commission structure for your sales reps.

At Printavo, we switched over to a team-based commission and aren't looking back. As a customer can have multiple touch points with sales reps, we didn't want to worry about how to attribute commission.

I first felt weary of this change as it doesn't highlight who is doing great work and who isn't. We ended up creating a team agreement to help clarify potential problems.

For example, for the first two months of building a sales funnel, all commissions you generate are paid out directly to you. Only then will you partake in the team pool. If your performance dips under 50% of the median sales generated for a month, for more than two months, your commission is only based on the sales you created.

We found it important to create these agreements before-hand to avoid issues down the road.

Thus far, it's been easier to treat customers as a team rather than individually and we're pushing forward!

Let me know if you're doing team commission and how it works!

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