5 Questions To Create A Business Plan For Your Print Shop

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The shop is slowing down around this time of the year. As you peruse through financials, nail down those last accounts receivable and pay the remaining bills, you might be thinking about the next year. Here is a 30-minute challenge for you. Fill this out, print it, and get yourself prepared for the new year.

1. Define a problem that your business is solving.

Come up with a simple mission statement or problem definition for your business. What is the pain point your business is solving?

Example 1: Our business will provide all decorating solutions for **your city**. This will include the businesses, municipalities, organizations, and teams involved. Companies will not have to go to different places to get their goods decorated. We will handle it all. 

Example 2: Our business will provide offer Direct to Garment Contract printing for the  decoration companies in **this geographic location**

2. Create a 1 Line Solution to your problem.

Come up with a specific way that your business will solve a problem in the industry. How are you handling the pain point in the industry 

Example 1: By offering 2-day turnaround and free delivery in this area, our business can dominate the local market. 

Example 2: Our simple website and management software will make it simple for other decorators to offer DTG for their customers.

3. How will you attract customers? 

Make sure you have a simple marketing strategy for gaining new customers. It does not have to be elaborate for it to be successful!

Example 1: We are going to market blitz the entire community through radio, print, and digital advertising. We will also visit the top 50 largest businesses in person. 

Example 2: We will get the names of every decorating company in our geographic area and visit them in person with samples. 

4. Figure out why you are special!

What is your secret sauce? Every entrepreneur and business has a touch of magic behind their business. Write it down.

Example 1: Our salespeople happen to be graphic designers so they can quickly design for customers on the spot of the sale!

Example 2: Our DTG machine can run 24 hours a day and we run 3 shifts so we can turn around products incredibly quick. Plus, we don't have a minimum if your artwork is print ready!

5. Set a goal and solve for X. 

Yes, you are a shop owner, not a math major, but behind every goal is a variable you can solve for. Set a goal, and then decide what it will take to attain that goal and go get it. 

Example 1: If we can just get these 5 new accounts we can grow our business and brand in the community.

X = 5 New Accounts

Example 2: If we can keep our quality and speed up we can beat out all other competition.

X = Quality + Speed 

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