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If you keep your ear to the ground in the world of social media, you might have seen that Mark Zuckerberg's initiatives for 2018 are a little different. Over the years, Facebook has evolved to be one of the most powerful advertising tools. What started as a social network used for peer to peer interactions and private social sharing, has now turned into a revenue-generating and marketing giant. 

The founder of Facebook got a rather large reality check when he was criticized for allowing Facebook to over evolve allowing users to become victims of metadata and target marketing by companies. Zuckerberg has put several initiatives in to change this, and to bring back some of the intimate, organic, and natural peer to peer interactions, and to avoid allowing businesses to pour money into target marketing. 

What does that mean to you and your Facebook Page for your business?

It means that aimlessly posting, or thinking that your marketing dollars are going to the right audience on Facebook could be wasteful, especially if you are not careful about what you are posting and how your audience is interacting with your page. 

If you've noticed that the same five customers like all your posts, the rest of your audience is not prioritized and you are wasting your social media efforts. Those 2,000 other likes and followers are not seeing your content! 

Active vs. Passive Interactions

Facebook has begun to prioritize posts based on the type of interactions. They define meaningful interactions as active interactions. These are interactions where followers comment, share or react to your post. Passive interactions such as clicking, hovering, or viewing, are less meaningful therefore posts to your audience that are passive followers will appear less in their news feed. 

This basically means that the more your customers interact with your content, the more they will see the content you publish on your page in future posts. 

Get Active Interactions

When you think of an easy solution, think again, because Facebook has already put measures in to eliminate tricks you might try to get comments, shares, or reactions. If you think you'll be able to create engagement-bait such as likes, comment, or tag contest, guess again because Facebook tells us they will be able to take this into account and de-prioritize your posts. 

Instead, you need to create posts that bring like-minded people together.

When you get a great order for an organization, tag your customers and interact with them whole-heartedly.


"Wishing the Charity Fun Run 5k a great event this weekend! Thanks so much for working with us @customerabc. Post a picture of your group running and let us know how it went!"

Or, use Facebook Live to get your customers interacting with you and having a conversation on your page. Do a virtual shop tour or explain a different feature of your business each week.

When Facebook sees that your audience is engaged, they will prioritize your page higher on the customer's newsfeed. 

Create "Niche" Groups When Spending Money On Posts

If you are going to spend specific marketing dollars on Facebook Posts make sure they are extremely relevant and have a deep connection to your customers. 

Going back to that Charity Fun Run post we discussed earlier, perhaps you create a zip code radius of the event and run your ad campaign during the event in the specific geographic location of the event. Now you are creating meaningful reactions with those customers that received the shirt for that event, and are responding to it positively (hopefully). 

Create FB Sparks by Messaging Customers

If you are posting about a specific job you printed, or an advertisement you are running, message your best customers and let them know about it. If those customers actively engage with that posts organically through tags, comments, or shares Facebook will recognize the spark and surface your posts to others. 

Bots Are Dangerous - Social Media Should Be Natural

So the next question arises as to what solutions are there out there to fix this for us. There must be a paid solution that can help! This is exactly what Facebook is trying to eliminate. While you might think it is a good idea to pay for likes, clicks, or fake comments, this can severely damage your page and your brand integrity. Spend time one follower at a time, and over time your page will grow. 

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