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Video Marketing For Screen Printing | Why You Should Do It

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Video marketing WORKS. So why do so few print shops use this powerful tool?

In this article, we show you how to get started with video marketing. It’s worked for Printavo – and it will work for you, too.

You probably watched screen printing channels on YouTube when you started screen printing – and may even watch screen printers now to learn more!

Even ten years ago, these videos were how upstart screen printing companies grew! Vendors, shops, and so many other companies use video content to anchor all of their sales and marketing efforts.

Why make videos?

The only social network with more users than Facebook is YouTube, with more than 2 billion monthly users. – Oberlo Research

If you’re skeptical about video, you’re not alone. The overwhelming majority of businesses don’t utilize video! In fact, only nine percent of small businesses use video.

But it’s obvious: video is an incredibly powerful tool, and YouTube is the place to do it.

The goal for making videos is simple: create content you can use again and again.

Videos are great for email, social media, your website, podcasts, YouTube and so much more. 


We’ve seen again and again: the custom printing companies (in virtually any niche) that use video outperform companies that don’t use video. This isn’t true for each and every niche (for contract printing, for instance) but for direct-to-consumer businesses there is nothing as powerful and engaging as good video content.

Some brands that use video to make a splash:

  • Ryonet – grew from a garage to a multimillion dollar distributor off YouTube videos!
  • Printed Threads – uses video to attract clients, big and small alike!
  • Golden Press Studio – uses video as a service to their clients (and to promote their shop)!
  • Lee Stuart – built a brand almost entirely off of YouTube videos!
  • Big Printing – uses video to reach 150k+ Instagram followers every single day!

When you first create videos, it’s going to feel VERY strange. But you’re accessing the second most powerful search engine on earth, YouTube!

You’ll feel awkward. But you’re using a platform where half of the users are there to figure something out, learn something new, or discover new businesses.

You’ll hate your own voice. You’ll stop and start. and stumble. But you’re joining the top 100 brands, who’s combined video output is equivalent to uploading a video every 20 minutes.

The key here is to simply keep going. Keep talking. Keep trying. Consistency is everything with video – not talent. This is a skill that you have to develop!

What you need to buy to make videos

To begin shooting videos, you don’t need to make a big investment.

If you have a modern smartphone, you already have a high-quality camera and microphone! A $20 cell-phone tripod may be the only thing you’ll need to spend money on.

If you want to take your videos to the next level, you’ll need to spend a little bit more money on equipment.

But you still don’t need to break the bank. Here are some tips:

Editing videos

You can use iMovie or Windows Movie Maker if you want a simple and free way to start editing your videos.

Adobe has written extensively about the basics of video editing, which will help you make incredible videos on your own.

Programs like Adobe Premiere Pro are for professionals – but a worthy investment of your time if you really love video.

Don’t want to edit your own videos? Strapped for time? Go to Upwork and hire a freelance video editor.

Even better: get in touch with a local film student at a nearby college and ask if they’re interested in working for you.

If it’s just you, and you’re still starting out: save money and edit it yourself in the evening!

What to make videos about

So you’re onboard with trying video. You’ve got a tripod, you’ve got the motivation. But what should you make videos about?

You could, of course, cook a sandwich with your dryer or post a sizzle reel of your shop’s ink wall. But think beyond simple eye candy!

We’ve got some ideas for videos that we would love to see a print shop capitalize on:

  • Show off your shop’s newest improvement or upgrade
  • Talk about great products you’ve worked on and printed with
  • Show off a unique technique your shop does
  • Show the printing process for a job from intake to finished order (tip: people LOVE to see screen printing itself!)
  • Review different garments and explain why they’re good, bad, or just okay
  • Document a customer’s experience with your products – what did they do with the t-shirts?

But first, there are two essential videos that every ambitious screen print shop should make: a video about the company and a “local shop” video.

“About the company”

Your very first video should be a video about the company. You want to cover all of the bases here:

  • Who is your shop for? Who are you?
  • What do you do?
  • Where are you?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • How do you do it?

This is the ultimate reusable content. You can use this video to share your shop with new customers, hire potential employees, and so much more.

Don’t leave any stone unturned. People want to learn about your business. A quality video describing who you are, what you do, and who you work with has tremendous long-term value.

The local shop video

The simplest and most powerful type of video here is surprisingly simple.

Make a video called “Screen Printing in Your Town With Your Company” (i.e. “Screen Printing in Schaumburg, IL with Wooden Cotton”).

You should spend a few minutes introducing your shop, showing off prints and your workspace, and discussing who you want work with. This doesn’t have to be a blockbuster production.

A local shop video like this has incredible power in search engines. Most shops simply don’t think about making a simple video with a local flavor – but in many markets, you’ll have virtually zero competition!

Examples of great video marketing


Need more inspiration?

The most effective videos for screen printers, particularly on social media, are still the simplest and shortest.

Think of Terminus Tees’ legendary “100 shirts for $3.99 each” ads, pictured above. 

Printed Threads made a brilliant video that shows exactly what their order process is.

Shirt Kong talks about their press, promoting M&R and their shop simultaneously.

Big Printing use simple videos of their production process to draw customers in.

Floodway Printing takes a different approach, offering the industry tips and tactics to improve their shop – and showing customers how professional they really are.

Fast Times Screenprinting and Sign Company gives customers a candid and personal tour of their shop (with thousands of views!).

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Printavo is simple shop management software. We help you streamline your business, keep jobs moving forward and your team on the same page.

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